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Carolina Are

Dr Carolina Are

Principal Investigator (she/her)

Dr Carolina Are is an online moderation researcher with a PhD in online abuse and conspiracy theories, currently working asInnovation Fellow at Northumbria University’s Centre for Digital Citizens. Following her experiences of online censorship, she has been researching on algorithmic bias against nudity and sexuality on social media, and has published the first study on the shadowbanning of pole dancing in Feminist Media Studies.

Her work has been published in Social Media + Society, Media, Culture & Society, First Monday and Porn Studies. It has appeared in The New York Times, The Atlantic, The Conversation, the BBC, Wired, The Guardian and the MIT Technology Review. She is also a content creator and blogger, as well as an activist and a poledance instructor, on social media at @bloggeronpole.


Dr Henry Collingham

Designer (he/him)

Dr Henry Collingham is a designer and researcher, using participatory methods to foreground the voices of traditionally marginalised populations in sensitive design contexts. Henry is currently working as anInnovation Fellow for Design and Creative Technology at the Centre for Digital Citizens, based in Northumbria University’s School of Design. Henry principally works in the context of Health and Wellbeing.

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Ann Marie Carrothers


Ann Marie is a jill of all trades who has worked in fields ranging from television production and the performing arts to UX/web design and education. An opera singer turned computer programmer, she cares deeply about the integration of the arts and technology, speaking around the world to artists, activists, and educators on how to integrate digital education into the arts.


Eriol Fox


Eriol Fox works at Superbloom design on research, open-source and technology project and is a part-time funded PhD researcher at Newcastle University's OpenLab, looking at how designers participate in humanitarian and human rights focused open-source software projects.

They have been working as a designer for 10+ years, in for-profits, NGOs and open-source software organisations. Their work addresses complex problems like sustainable food systems, peace-building and crisis response technology. Eriol is also part of the core teams at Open Source Design

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